Zombie Top Gear will return (at least briefly) in live format

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Rejoice, Jezzaddicts: Top Gear looks like it’s on its way back, at least for a brief time, and live, and no it’s not called Top Gear anymore, but yes, it will feature all three hosts.


What does 'Clarkson Hammond and May Live' mean for the future of Top Gear as we know it? It means they’re (and by 'they' I don't mean the BBC) at least willing to honor shows that were set to happen before, meaning no instant death-by-Clarksonpunch, and perhaps a willingness to see how things go for the automotive world’s most famous trio.


Bad news for about 80% of the planet: The shows will be too far away from you to be remotely convenient, but if you’re really a fan, and happen to own four wheels, here’s the list of shows coming up:

May 22-24, Belfast, Northern Irleand

June 5-7, Sheffield, England

June 13-14, South Africa (probably Johannesburg)

June 20-21, Norway

November 28-29, London, England

On the plus side, this gives the money-making juggernaut of the three TGUK hosts a chance to try out a new format. What of the Stig? Who knows.


Oh and they won't feature any BBC branding, which frankly nobody will give a crap about, except the BBC, which will lose a lot of money.

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