School assistant principal reprimanded for 'Vaginas on fire' text

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An assistant principal of a Central Florida elementary school is in hot water for apparently texting about teachers' "Vaginas on fire," though he claims that was not the intent when he sent texts to the school's principal, which have since gone public.


"Take your time getting here," he texted to the principal of Dr. Phillips Elementary. "Vaginas are on fire!!!!"

The texts were apparently part of a string of salaciously-worded one-liners between the school administrator and other school employees, all of which he apologized for sending. He was recently reprimanded for "occasionally using inappropriate language" to refer to female staff, though he claims that he was not referring to female teachers at the school in his recently outed text.


Unsurprisingly he had began his career in education as a PE teacher, though inexplicably he didn't learn his lesson about foul language in 18 years on the job.

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