Giant-boob-shaped building slated for destruction may be saved

So what happens when a classy, wealthy suburb tries for years to get its only strip club closed down but can't? It passes enough laws until the business finally breaks one of them after the better part of half a century, then the city buys it (them?) with the intent of deflating them with a wrecking ball.

But not so fast: Now the original builder of possibly the world's largest set of fake boobs has an idea: saving it. The man who left his mark on Florida with gentlemen's clubs also happens to own a youth charity in Georgia, and that includes a camp that may be looking for some new outdoor shelter, he says. Enter the boobs, literally.


What remains to be seen is whether the city will get excited about the idea, the lynch pin likely being whether two hands unclasping the legal brassiere holding the giant rack down is better than one — namely asking the city to partner with him to help pay for moving it, and maybe saving money on what otherwise may have been a costly breast reduction.

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