A month after his sudden death, this college athlete's joke diabetes video is going viral

Will Hauver was a fun-loving prankster who just happened to have diabetes from when he was a kid. It was a lifelong battle that didn't stop him from constantly pulling jokes on everybody he met.

Well one of them may just make him immortal after it looks to have gone viral. A friend near the end of the 2014 dance craze of throwing ice water on your head challenged Will to simulate temporary hypothermia, and he switched it up.

A month later, Will was dead from the same disease he'd called LIVabetes. Now the video he made has spawned a movement that's already generated hundreds of videos, including from NFL Wide Receiver Gerrard Sheppard


It looks like things are working out for what started as a joke and has turned into $37,000 so far to fight juvenile diabetes with the #eggcrackchallenge

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